Views from the belfry

The greatest love of all!
Flowers bloom in February, and so too in human hearts. The world has set it as the month for love, of love, and to love. Red is the color, heart is the symbol, and relationship is the matter. We try our very best to express our feelings to someone very special in intense way we can on this very day. St. Valentine’s is on the 14th, and not beyond. We are more focused on the date and our dates as very special, and after that, every day is normal and everybody is regular. And what about those not very special loved ones?

St. John the Evangelist was once asked why love is always the subject matter of his gospel, “There is nothing but love, and we haven’t love much”, he replied. As one poet quoted, “If love does not make the world go round, then it makes the ride worthwhile. “All we need is love” the Beatles chorused.

Ash Wednesday is on the 17th, in the Church calendar, it is the start of lent season. Because of the heaviness of the event, the passion, the crucifixion, the death, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we sometimes neglect to see the message that it brings, the greatest love of all. The love of a God to His creatures, the sacrifice of a God to His erring sons, is clouded by our awed to the wonders of the event. We forgot that that event is not to show that He can die and He can resurrect, but to show his greatest love of all, his forgiveness for our redemption. And He showed His intense love to all, including those not specials, and unloved ones.

As the grounded burnt palm mixed with holy water touched our forehead, humbled by the fragility of our existence, let us be forever grateful for the greatest love that God has shown us. He shows us the way to His Father, to mind our sinful ways, and to mend our lives. Red is still the color, His wounds and our sacrificial attitudes, His blood and our sins. The symbol is His sacred heart and our worldly hearts. And all this is for our relationship with Him, our salvation.

Entering into another season in our Mother Church, masinati unta nato ang pinakadakung gugma nga ikahalad sa usa ka tawo ngadto sa iyang amigo, nga mao ang pagpakamatay para sa sa iyang amigo. Dili kini usa ka sosyal nga kalihokan nga tagana kitang maghudyaka dayon. Wala kitay katungod nga magmaya kun kita dili moduyog sa iyang mga kasakit.

But when we suffer with Christ our Lord, we will triumph with Him in the Resurrection.



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